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19 September 2016 @ 10:19 am
Great news for all my pee fetish and intentional bed wetting fans… I just heard on the radio that it’s national bedwetting week!  Wow, just think a whole week where everybody takes delight in wetting their beds.  Although it’s a week to raise awareness of the problems of bedwetters. Still, we (all us pee fetish fans and lovers of watching girls wet their beds) can celebrate it in a different way! So we best get started girls (and guys of course)! And don’t forget, you can see all my bed wetting videos at MissPiss.com


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05 September 2016 @ 09:40 am
So last night I was out drinking with all my friends, and after getting pretty fucked up, we all piled out of the pub to the bus stop outside to await the bus into town for the nightclubs. But the wait seemed to take forever and I became more and more desperate to pee. I was thinking about quickly nipping back into the pub toilets when the bus finally arrived. So I had to hold it or miss the bus.

Anyway, it was a double decker and we all piled upstairs. But my need to pee was intensifying by the minute, and I became anxiously aware that I couldn't wait any longer. I had to go, and I mean right away! I said that I had to pee and would have to do it on the bus because I couldn't wait. The girls laughed and giggled at this, but the guys raucously urged me on, clearly wanting me to do it. It was obvious to me that they wanted to watch me pee, which kind of turned me on. Well, I really couldn't wait any longer, and the thought of peeing for an audience really was arousing me more than I would ever have imagined.

So I got up off of the seat, lifted the back of my short skirt up above my ass whilst pulling my knickers down, and squatted between the seats. Then I let loose, accompanied by a loud cheer as the guys shouted their approval. My piss splashed down upon the hard floor and was soon flowing in a stream under the seats in front of me. Another girl then announced that she had to go too, and was soon squatting between two more sets of seats and pissing on the floor. Other girls soon quickly joined in, and before long all the girls in our group - there were six of us - were all squatting between different seats and pissing all over the floor of the bus. There was much drunken laughter and cheering, accompanied during the quieter moments by a very audible hissing and splashing, which sounded sexy as hell.

The guys soon had their dicks out too, a couple of them peeing against the back seats, others peeing against the sides of the bus. One just stood peeing all over the floor in the centre aisle.

By the time we had finished, piss was meandering in little rivulets all over the upper floor of the bus, but we were too drunk to care what other passengers might think. We just got off at our destination and had a good laugh about it. But it had seriously turned me on.

So much so in fact that later, whenever I went into the ladies' loo at the nightclub, upon locking myself in the cubicle I ignored the toilet completely and just deliberately peed all over the fucking wall and all over the floor as well. I did it purely for the sheer pleasure pissing like a man.

girl bus 01
pee bus1
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30 August 2016 @ 01:00 pm
The other night my boyfriend and I got back to his place from a night of dancing at the bar and we were having one of those stupid drunken arguments that seemed so important at the time, but was no doubt about something stupid, can't even remember what.

Anyway, we were both shouting at each other, calling each other all the names under the sun, even throwing things around the room. Yeah, it was a bad one. At some point something I said enraged my boyfriend so much that he literally turned red with rage, and I am fortunate in having a guy who never hits women. But he did the next worst thing he could think of. He grabbed my handbag off the coffee table, unzipped it, opened his fly, took his dick out, and started pissing in the handbag! It all kind of happened so fast that I didn't have time to react. "This is what I think of your fucking opinion", or words to that effect, he shouted. For several seconds I stood there utterly dumbfounded, just watching him. Then I reacted and tried to pull the handbag away from him. But he was holding it too tight, and I only succeeded in having his piss splash all over my hands.

So I released the handbag and let him continue pissing in it, thinking "Right you bastard! You've asked for it now!" So I stormed into the kitchen, totally removed my knickers, opened the fridge door, stood in front of the open fridge with the front of my skirt hoisted, and you can pretty much guess what I did next! I started pissing in his fridge, all over the food, eggs, milk, etc that lay within. I swung my hips from side to side, literally making sure I peed on everything. Soon pee was flowing out of the bottom of the fridge onto the kitchen floor. I do remember that, although motivated by anger, I actually found it quite stimulating. It was turning me on!

I was about two thirds done when my boyfriend burst into the kitchen, evidently having finished his pee into my handbag. He immediately grabbed me from behind, physically pulling me away from his fridge. Too late, though. The damage was done. And I continued pissing until I'd finished anyway, my piss spraying all over his kitchen floor.

Our drunken argument continued to rage for a while longer until we both just got too damned tired to argue anymore.

Next morning we woke up, neither of us able to remember what we were arguing about, but clearly able to remember the pissing. And the evidence was there for us both to see. My handbag, with it's soaked and sodden contents, discarded in the middle of the living room floor, piss having flowed out of it onto the carpet. The kitchen floor was covered in puddles of pee, with piss all over everything in the fridge. We were both quite shame-faced and apologetic, but I will never forget what a turn on it was to just piss in his fridge.

pee frige

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27 August 2016 @ 12:01 pm
Peeing in various places, clothing and scenrios is always more fun than just waisting your pee down the toilet. So I am always looking for new ways to pee. Lately I have been experimenting with diapers. When noone is home I wear my diapers around the house which allows me to pee freely when ever the heck I want and not worry about getting the floors or carpets wet. Plus is cuts back on my laudry load too. I just throw them away after they get soaked. Another reason why I love to pee in diapers is because it's just fun!!! There is something silly and child like about doing it, therefore it makes me feel naughty. The thick warm pee filled diaper feels so good between my legs so I stick my hand down inside my nappy to masturbate and pee a little more.


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10 August 2016 @ 09:41 am
Hey there sexy pee lovers and pee fetish fans, Here is a picture of me peeing in jeans from behind. I decided to set up the camera behind me this time so you could see my pee soaked crotch and pee streams running down my legs from a back side view. If you like to watch girls wetting pants then I’m sure you will love all my pee in jeans wetting videos at MissPiss.com Have a nice day : )

pee jean behind

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09 August 2016 @ 10:55 am

How to pee in a hotel without getting caught

I love peeing in hotel rooms and pissing in hotels is my specialty! But how do I get away with peeing in a hotel room without getting caught???? After I soak the room with my pee I just use towels to dry it up then open up all the windows and turn the heater on for a few hours before I am ready to check out. And during my stay I never let the maids enter my room for anything. That way they have no idea what is going on inside my room. I just leave the "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door the whole time while I am there to assure my privacy. I pee on practically everything in my hotel room including the bed. Yup that entire bed gets completely soaked with my pee. After I am done soaking the bed with pee I just turn down all the sheets and blankets to the matress can air dry out anf use towels to soak up the puddles. I take the wet towels and leave them in the hallway for the maids to pick up and wash. I always leave them in front of another rooms door so they have no idea where they came from. I have never gotten caught or questioned because my room is always dry before I leave. It might smell kinda funny but it's dry. You can see all my peeing in hotel videos and bed wetting videos at MissPiss.com
SuitePee 10
SuitePee 20
SuitePee 26

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08 August 2016 @ 10:22 am
Basically we were brought up to learn that urine (pee, wee , piss, piddle etc) is a dirty waste product that our kidneys filter out. People think pee is full of germs and dangerous bacteria that can kill us, but why didn’t we learn about the good things about pee? It’s a clean fluid and the cleanest in your body that has plenty of good uses. It can tell us things about our health, women use it for pregnancy tests and people have drank it over the years. We basically swam around in our mother’s pee before we born and we didn’t get sick from it. I read somewhere that urine helped form some of the bones in our body. Golden showers wouldn’t exist at all if pee was a dirty liquid! Pee is always in your body every minute of the day too, so it can’t be that bad! Not to mention all the sexy pee videos from MissPiss pee fetish site.

drink pee
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19 July 2016 @ 10:32 am
I’m so excited that I just got a brand new pair of sexy, light blue, vintage denim jeans from the 80’s and can’t wait to pee in them. So I sneak into the bathroom while everyone in the house is still sleeping and release my morning pee. My glistening wet nectar looks so beautiful as it streams down my legs and completely soaks my crotch, feet and ass. I LOVE PEEING IN JEANS!!!
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11 July 2016 @ 09:42 am

Giantess pleasure from her shrunken man

Wouldn't that be hilarious if we should shrink men but leave their dicks at normal size? He would be a walking dick!!!! A huge dick attached to a tiny body. The poor shrunken little man would be so helpless and not able to move due to the weight of his giant penis and balls. He would be a slave to his dick and his Giantess Miss Lizz!!! hahahaha The only time he would move from his location is when Giantess Lizz picks him up to use for a good hard fucking.

shrunken man sex

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07 July 2016 @ 10:08 am
Right this very minute I am sitting here at my computer updating my pee fetish site, answering pee fetish emails and looking at all the free pee pictures on various pee forums. Needless to say I am very arouzed and bulging with s full bladder. I am wearing cotton underpants and thick sweatpants. I’m so horny and desperate to pee I can barely stand it. Why oh why is this so good for me?  I’m sitting here knowing I will aloow myself to burst and cum any second now and It feels so damn good! Ready here it cums… why don’t you pee and cum with me!!!! Lets do it now… . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssss I am Peeeeeeeing and cumming RIGHT NOW and it feels so fucking good. as I mix my hot pee with my cum juices. My panties and sweats are completely soaked with warmth as I sit here and enjoy my pulsating pussy.

pee chair
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